GAPA instructions


Ordering terms and conditions::

  • in written form, can be sent via mail, e-mail ( or fax to: 326 735 428 or 326 721 006
  • include the name of mat and type or composition
  • dimensions including the width and length (the width refers to the door width, we recommend a small drawing for better understanding)
  • if you request a frame - identify the type of frame and mention whether the mat size does or does not include the frame
  • colour or design
  • logo designs and requested colours for CATWELL mats - requires phone consultation, address and place of delivery
  • shipping method
  • payment method ( see terms of payment), a price proposal can be sent on request
  • responsible person and phone
  • Organization ID, VAT number
  • date, if necessary

Delivery term:

  • mats will be made within 14 days of receiving an order, or payment
  • this period can be reduced if necessary (approval...). An express fee of 8% of the mat price will be added to orders with a 3 day production period
  • shipping and handling fees, or forwarding fees, are added to each delivery

Terms of payment:

  • cash on pick-up
  • cash on delivery
  • advanced invoice, mats will then be delivered within 14 days upon the payment being credited to our account
  • A tax document will always be provided.


  • 2 years as per the Commercial Code


  • we recommend selecting a smaller width and larger length to collect more dirt


issued by - GAPA MB, s.r.o., registered office Svatovítská 217, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav
Organization ID: 40 76 77 95
This Claims Policy ensures the correct procedure for lodging and settling claims for defective goods. The policy was elaborated in accordance with Act 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, as subsequently amended and Act 634/1922 Coll., on consumer protection as amended.


If a defect is discovered on the purchased goods, the consumer can claim the defective goods within the warranty period.

The following cannot be considered as a defect:
goods changing within the warranty period as a result of wear and tear or improper use, or improper action. The warranty is not provided for inadequate or improper use, such as overloading with large weights (passing cars, pallet trucks, fork lifts etc.), violent use, damage caused by foreign actions or influence, damages caused by failure to observe the instructions for using the individual types of products. In addition to this, the warranty does not apply to products damaged by the effect of aggressive substances (oils, salts, acids, lyes etc.) or mechanically damaged products. The warranty also excludes those products that were damaged, or worked on by a subject not authorized to remove defects, to an extent that resulted in the removal or damage to the serial number, label etc. Provided the buyer enforces his liability for defects ("claim"), an authorized staff member of the seller shall decide on the claim immediately, or within three business days in more complicated cases. This duration does not include the period necessary for the expert opinion of the defect. An authorized staff member is always available at the seller's shop to settle claims. Claims are settled and the defect is removed:
1) without undue delay, no later than 30 days upon lodging the claim
2) within a longer period of time, provided the seller and buyer agree on this longer period

A longer settlement period shall be in writing and indicated in the claims report. If the claim settlement is unsuccessful after this period has expired, the buyer has the same rights as if the matter involved a defect that cannot be removed. Only claims for defective goods that are clean will be accepted as well as claims that do not impede general hygiene principles.

The claims procedure will assess the cause of the defect: defective material, defective assembly, improper use, product installation in an unsuitable or non-recommended environment.


The buyer can only lodge claims at the store in which the goods were purchased. However, if the goods were purchased from a seller, who is the owner of a chain of stores, the buyer can lodge a claim at one of the following places:
1) at any seller's store that accepts claims, with respect to the assortment of goods
2) at the seller's registered office or headquarters

The buyer must prove the lodged claim is legitimate, meaning that apart from determining the defect, he/she must prove the place of purchase and price of the goods, which can be demonstrated best with a proof of purchase (proof of purchase or other credible method.


The seller is liable for defects that are discovered within warranty period after the buyer accepts the goods.

The term for lodging a claim is 24 months from the day the goods were accepted by the buyer. The seller shall issue a warranty card on the buyer's request, indicating the extent and conditions of the warranty period. Failure to lodge a claim within the warranty period results in the buyer forfeiting his/her right to claim defected goods. The buyer must lodge the claim without undue delay, immediately upon discovering the defect. The warranty period shall not be mistaken with the service life of the goods, i.e. the durability period that a product achieves provided it is used and treated properly, with respect to its properties, purpose of use and differences in the intensity of use. If a claim is settled by replacing a defective part with a new part, the term for lodging a claim is reset after the goods are accepted by the buyer.


Removable defects are considered defects the removal of which does not impact the appearance, functionality and quality of the product and the repair of which can be performed within the specified term. The period for removing defects must not exceed 30 calendar days, which is the duration for settling the claim, or a longer period, provided the seller and buyer agreed on such. If the defect can be removed, the buyer is entitled to having the defect removed free of charge, in time and in due fashion. If this is not possible with respect to the nature of the defect, the buyer can request a replacement, or if the defect only involves a component, the buyer can request a replacement for the component. If this procedure is not possible, the buyer can request an proportionate discount on the price of the goods or withdraw from the contract. The period between the lodging of the claim and the period when the buyer shall accept the goods after repair are not included in the warranty period. The seller shall issue the buyer confirmation about the lodged claim, as well as for the repair and duration necessary to settle the claim.


Non-removable defects are considered defects that cannot be completely removed within the defined period, and which prevent using the product properly as an item without a defect. If a defect cannot be removed, the buyer can request the following:
1) replacement goods
2) withdraw from the contract of purchase (the buyer returns the defective goods and receives is reimbursed the purchase price)

The buyer has the same right if the identical defect is discovered following two repairs or a larger number of defects prevents using the item properly.

If other non-removable defects are discovered on the goods and the buyer does not request a replacement, he/she is entitled to a proportionate discount on the price of the item or can withdraw from the contract..


Products with defects (defective new products or used products) that do not prevent using the product as intended, must be sold at a reduced price. The warranty period is 24 months. Based on a mutual agreement between the buyer and seller, the warranty period can be reduced to 12 months. The seller confirms such an agreement in the proof of purchase. The buyer must be informed that the product has a defect and the defect must be identified, provided this is not specified in the store. Products must be sold separately from products without defects. The seller is not liable for such defects of new or used products, sold at a reduced price. However, should the price of goods be reduced as part of a clearance or season sale, and the products involved do not contain defects, the seller is liable for defects discovered on these products in the full extent.


A court resolves any disputes arising within the scope of claims procedures.

This claims policy comes into effect on: April 1, 2011

Mladá Boleslav, April 1, 2011